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Procrastinating  is a way to live
09 May 2012 @ 09:44 pm
es increible como la llegada de un novio a tu vida te haga más marica, más coqueta o simplemente menos estable de lo normal
empiezas a preocuparte por si tu aliento es presentable, si tu pelo es decente, si tus uñas estan lindas, si tal color te favorece.
pero mi mayor preocupación hasta ahora es: cuando coño me depilo? antes lo hacia los sabados, tranquila... ahora casi todos los sabados novio se acerca a la casa a pasar el dia (mi madreh lo adora) y puff... otro dia sin tocar la cera. especialmente porque los domingos me da muchisima ladilla.
y no hablemos de las piernas. el depylady me grita: bueno bruja y yo que?!

ahora mi tiempo se divide entre: universidad, novio, otras diligencias.
en un grafico universidad tendria un 35, novio un 75 y el resto es lo demas.

Novio se queja de que para que quiero un blog si lo tengo a el. Yo se lo ladillosa que puedo ser, por eso necesito escribir.
esto es mas una conversacion publica que hago conmigo misma. nada de muy especial.
reactivo el blog como journal de lamentos... y para mis practicas de redaccion XD

besotes internautas. may the force be with you
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Procrastinating  is a way to live
23 September 2011 @ 09:49 am
whoa! it's been such a long time!

I don't know why I always forgot to update this thing
well, now I have something nice to talk about:
I'm going to try to make some Amigurumis!!

they are cute and may improve my patience a little xD
if you don't know what amigurumis are, please follow this link to wikipedia <3

click here for some cuteness

you can go to this site as well, the have wonderful pictures <3
amigurumi kingdom

it's better if I finish to dress up my self before mother comes, we have to go out as soon as she reaches home xD

bye bye <3

Procrastinating  is a way to live
14 May 2011 @ 07:35 pm
Hello everybody!
How are you? :3 I'm writing from my cellphone while watching resident Evil 2: Apocalypsis.
I have to say that I'm not into horror movies but I really enjoy the Resident Evil saga. Or any other Game-related movie :3 most of the game-fans says that the movie sucks (and sometimes I agree witht them) but I think that Resident Evil is a great saga anyways. I don't like to play the game because I'm a scary-cat when it comes to kill zombies who came from no-where so... I preffer how Alice kills them all :3

Well... That's all.
Let the zombie-killing continue!
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Procrastinating  is a way to live
29 March 2011 @ 01:27 am
it's not that pimped yet...
but it'll be...
a soon as I get inspired to do a proper header....
*so lazy*

I'd like to talk about this new story I'm writing at the moment. I got hardly inspired by Hamletmachine's comic, starfighters [R-18], and decided to write someting scy-fy too, but yuri.
the title is, Bloody Nurses.
it's about this group of young womans who go to the hollow-battlefields, rescuing who can be saved, executing who cannot, taking what can be useful (weapons, organs, anything). they're trained to battle but also to heal. nobody knows who they are but at the same time everyone have heart about them.
the protagonist is a girl, who met one of them and misfortune wants her to be bond to this nurse. she will become eventualy one, but it won't be easy.
I gave her my haircut btw <3 I'm so in love with it, plus, I thought it was cute.

for the pg I'm using greeks name (moar Hammie's influences) and I discovered that many things on the space have greeks names too.. *lol*

I hope I won't be accused from stealing Hammies ideas or something. but really, she inspired me a lot. I'm really grateful.
I hope that this draft os story would become a proper one in the future, too. it still really green to be a book or something, but maybe as a manga, it would work.
I'm writing it in english, on a notebook XD 10 pages and going on <3

well... I'm feeling tired again.

I might go to sleep.

and I wanted to see some anime... well... just a peek won't hurt, would it?

bye bye <3

Procrastinating  is a way to live
28 March 2011 @ 12:41 pm

I'm going to pimp my journal <3

darker colors on the waaaaaaay *3*/

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Procrastinating  is a way to live
23 February 2011 @ 10:55 pm
this crush is becoming a sickness.
I want to meet A, hold hands and share hugs.
it's almost a phisical need.

please, break my heart already.
I discovered that A is in love with someone who's far away and A hopes to meet him by chance somewhere.
My hopes went all up as fast as they went down.
he would never notice me, will he?
he's so un-reachable.

no, I'm not being pessimistic here. because he's is a she.
and I'm a she too.
so, that complicate thing quite a lot, doesn't it?

T____T I need help.
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Procrastinating  is a way to live

Hello <3

it's been a long time since I last wrote, didn't it?

In short:

  • My mother got sick: she caught a tropical decease. fortunately, she's ok now. but she give us a good scare. she could have died, because there is no cure/vaccine againts it. your body has to build up the inmunity by his own. the only thing that you can  do is avoid to get to weak, drinking chiken soup and so.

it was a pretty hard week. ^^; I hope you'll NEVER catch the Denge Fever.

  • I had a fight with my little sister. she hates me because of my sister-complex. gosh, that was a big fight. Now I'm trying to let her be, but she's pretty hard on me too. maybe she's taking revenge againts my old-bad-self. her prejudice of me it's pretty bad too so...

I'm fucked up <3 orz.

I have a hamster!!

  • his name is Detlef <3 I love that name, so it's was kinda predictible. I was thinking about Zeth too, but Detlef is prettier for a cream-white-quite-long-haired hamster, isn't it? *___* I have to train him yet, but we're trying to get along first. they're such delicate animals... I have to have patience with him >.<

he's adorable, really <3

well, I'm going to sleep.

just one more thing:
Helen Magnus rocks. I'd love to marry a woman like her *__* (I love woman with their pants on <3 saying that I'd love to marry them is an expression of my affection, caring and will to have them to guide me XD oh, dear twisted brain, you're just so cracked <3)

oh yeah: remember A? well, I'm still crushed. god, the other day I dreamt that A was besides me and we were playing like a goofy couple. I'm so uke sometimes XD my dream made me realize it. orz (again)

sweet dreams dears, have a wonderful night <3

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Procrastinating  is a way to live
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Procrastinating  is a way to live
10 January 2011 @ 11:18 am
this will be a post in spanish...
just because I feel like writing it in that language.

leer bajo su proprio riesgoCollapse )
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Procrastinating  is a way to live
06 January 2011 @ 05:15 pm
this is the 6th day of January and someone we know is already dead.
o_o wtf?!
the fiancée of a girl, which is really close and dear to my familly, passed away this morning in a "horrible car accident"
we don't know yet how the accident was, but it was pretty bad, as some random people says.
the worst part of this is that she doesn't live here, in my city, but like 500 km away so...
yeah, my father is taking her over here so she can at least, recognize him.
I'm feeling really bad for her, they're were planning to get married after they finished to build their home and such... she was even planning to get kids as soon as possible...

I won't say life is unfair, but it's pretty cruel, isn't?
I was seeing the penguin's march the other day, I felt bad for mama-penguin who didn't make it to go back home and blame the seal, but the seal has to eat too, and get fatter and fatter to feed her baby-seal who can't swim yet nor survive the arctic-cold...
so... should I be happy because of the seal, or sad because of the penguin?

it's better if I go back to work into my Pscicology paper, I have to turn it  by the 21th.
and I have to do the spanish one yet
and proofread all 4 papers, correct them, put some pictures, print and make a copy, before the deadline (21th XD)

lol, what a crap of "first post of the year."
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